Sustainable House Design Strategies JB Hammer Designs

Adding Green Technology to Your Project

Background in Green Design

JB Hammer Designs has produced plans for 70 or more, "green certified" Earth Advantage homes in Portland, and is currently producing designs with enclosed heating systems, staggered stud, high R value walls, energy heel trusses for high R value ceilings as standard improvements.

In 2008, Bruce Butler was trained as a Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) through Earth Advantage Institute.

Bruce has developed climate specific designs for five climate zones in North America, and written several articles explaining and promoting Sustainable Design.  Please see the articles on the right sidebar.

Energy Efficiency Construction Measures Available

Building shell design for high R-value, moisture control and to minimize thermal bridging.

Improved and alternative HVAC technologies  

Renewable energy options, including solar design  

Rainwater Harvesting options

Natural Resource Conservation

Sustainable construction materials specifications

Aging in place through expandable floor plan

Healthy Products and Air Quality

Plan specification for healthy products.


Sustainable Design Articles

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